This Will Kill That (Treuhand Mix)

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I have known Howie Beno for a little over 20 years. Back in the late 90’s, he was producing a band called Mary’s Window, and we met shortly after I joined that band as their drummer. At the time, I knew that he had done a lot of work with bands like Ministry, Mindbomb, Chemlab, Kill Hannah, Skatenigs, and more*…so I immediately knew he was the kind of musician and producer that I would love to work with. But, I didn’t REALLY start to appreciate the scope of his skills until we began working together in the recording studio. He was professional, but irreverent. Highly skilled, but self-deprecating. Detail-oriented, with a heaping side of “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.” I have so much love for people who aren’t easily categorized…and Howie definitely qualifies.


Fast forward to April 2018.


After a year of dreaming and scheming, I was slowly starting to understand that The Joy Thieves were actually going to become a reality. And so I started cultivating a short list of musicians that I wanted to include. People that I knew. People that I trusted. People that I knew would kick ALL the ass…all the time. Howie was at the top of that list.


Fast forward to April Fools Day, 2019.


Howie and his main man Brandt Gassman had been working on a remix for the title track from The Joy ThievesThis Will Kill That EP, and Howie started texting me that they had completed the mix. His intriguing messages included lines such as: “Like jazz, I put a lot of jokes of a musical nature into it,” and “It’s more like a mix tape than a remix.”


All of which left me thinking just one thing. “What in the actual hell am I about to hear?” So, I put the headphones on, and pressed play.


What I heard that day can probably best be described as an audio collage. Yes, it used elements of the original song. (Namely, Chris J Connelly’s vocals, which they had chopped, effected and altered into a completely new format, and some of the signature guitar and keyboard parts.) But interspersed between those elements were hundreds of bits and pieces of audio that were somehow ALSO familiar to my ears. It sounded like the entire history of industrial rock had been thrown into a blender…and then the pulverized remains were used as the foundation for some sort of amazing sonic tapestry. At the time, I remember thinking that it was like something Jackson Pollock would have made, if only he had decided to create music instead of paintings.


I kept listening. And it seemed like every time I did…I felt like I heard something new. Around every corner, I found a new little Easter Egg. 7 months later, I am still finding them.


The Joy Thieves’ have striven to take the ideas of over 30 musicians, and then somehow unify all of those ideas into one cohesive sound. To honor industrial music’s amazing past, by constantly creating something new. To create a sound that was made by ALL of us…and yet doesn’t really sound exactly like ANY of us. That is exactly what Howie and Brandt achieved with this masterpiece of a remix…making it the ULTIMATE remix for a band like The Joy Thieves.


If you’re a fan of industrial rock music…this one’s for you.




Check out the lyric video HERE, and let me know what you think!




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